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Video Commissions Funnel:


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Earn Up To 50% RECURRING Commissions for 3 Products and 10% for additional products)!

  • $19.95 Video Commissions (50% RECURRING commissions)
  • $197 Ultimate Video Marketing Vault (50% commissions)
  • $297 Affiliate Marketing 101 & Million Dollar Conversion Secrets (50% commissions)
  • $497 Monthly Email Coaching Program (10% RECURRING commissions)
  • $497 One Time Done for You Video Service (10% RECURRING commissions)

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Again, I am no guru.

I am just a regular guy who wants to help everyday people to make money online.

Plus, I DO what I teach.

I will also be in the trenches side by side just like to use YOUTUBE VIDEOS to market my products online and also train everyday people to make money online using online videos.

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Email Swipe #1

Subject: Video Commissions? (MUST READ THIS)

Hey, there,

After more than 10 years in the Internet marketing industry and 10,000 hours creating this training, he has finally launched it...

...the complete guide to making money online with video marketing - Video Commissions.

Go watch the full review here <link>

Over 10 years of experience cover everything you might need to succeed online – from marketing strategy to personal development and mechanics.

You might have seen BJ Min rank on the first pages of Google and YouTube for various keywords and with many videos.

Now, he is offering his system to the public. For the first time, we can learn how to duplicate his success.

I am pumped because this is epic. I have seen HIM do it, I have seen many of his team members do it, too. IT WORKS.

I am so excited to send you this email because this is really something DIFFERENT.

Learn more here. <link>

Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Talk soon,


P.S. I know there are a lot of promises online...but this is real. It’s not at all what you expect when you first hear about it.



See WHY in this video. <link>

Email Swipe #2

Subject line: URGENT People making money


You see people making money online...

They claim they do it without even lifting a finger...

Only if making money online would be as easy as a few clicks here and there...

...but it’s NOT!

Well, you most probably know that already because you tried EVERYTHING.

Watch this video and learn what you have been doing wrong. <link>

It’s URGENT for you to find out where you have gone wrong so you can fix it as soon as possible.

Are you losing money while people are making money?

Don’t be fooled by the candy and empty promises.

You already know that those don’t work.

There is only one way to MAKE BIG MONEY ONLINE and it is not at all what you think.

I couldn’t have said it better than this guy here.<link>

This is what really works, guys, I hope you don’t miss it!

To YOUR success,


Email Swipe #3

Subject line: check this out...

Hi, there!

You really seriously need to CHECK this VIDEO out. <link>


Because I know that you are still struggling to make money online.

The reason: You are learning all of the wrong things.

Most so-called Internet marketing gurus teach you what they were doing 3 or even 4 years ago. Not what they are doing NOW.

I was shocked when I found out that this guy is actually applying what he shows you to rank on page No1 of Google results.

He is teaching exactly what he is doing NOW?

That got me. He’s got to be the only one out there.

Don’t miss this VIDEO (Be QUICK)<link>

No registration needed. And it’s free. (Are you shocked already?)

Enjoy and take care!


P.S. I know you are busy. I know you don’t have the time to watch every video. BUT watch this one,<link> okay?

I don’t want you to be sorry later.

Email Swipe #4

Subject: He's gone CRAZY.


I am pumped to reveal what has been going on in online marketing lately...

Is he ranking on the FIRST page of Google with his video 24 hours after shooting it?

If you haven’t seen this on social media yet, you really need to watch this video.<link>


Not only by the SIMPLE yet POWERFUL method for making money online.

BUT by this GUY and what he has to say about Internet marketing.

He seems to have gone crazy sharing all his knowledge with everyone!

And after 10 years in the industry and 10,000 hours invested in this product...

There must be something wrong...or something completely right.

I couldn’t decide.

Go watch him here and decide yourself. <link>

I don’t get easily impressed...

If you are looking for the TRUE way to make money online, that is IT.<link>

To YOUR success,


P.S. I had to watch the VIDEO several times to be able to comprehend everything he says. It is not a little to take in BUT it’s super urgent to watch it NOW.

He shares some painful but SUPER IMPORTANT truths about online marketing.

Watch the VIDEO here.


Email Swipe #5

Subject line: Something AWESOME (don't miss out)

Hey, there!

Hundreds of people have seen this video already and are using it to make money online.

Don’t be left OUT!

Watch this revolutionary video here. <link>

If I had to chose only ONE product and be sure that it will help you make money online, this would be it.

Video Commissions<link>

It’s working better than anything you have tried already.

It even works FANTASTIC for complete newbies (that was unexpected).

You shouldn’t miss out!

Although that’s kind of difficult given that this video is ALL OVER the Internet.

It maybe is because of his genuine story.

OR, because of the surprising SUCCESS rate his team has.

Anyway, it’s strange and unusual.

Maybe that’s the reason everyone thinks THIS VIDEO <link> is so awesome.

Make up your own mind.

Talk soon,


P.S. You know what? I really want to hear more success stories about this product. I was pumped by how many people are using it successfully BUT I want to learn HOW you use it...

Watch the testimonials <link> and see how complete newbies apply this AWESOME course.

Video Commissions 7-Day Autoresponder Series for Our Affiliates!

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Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #1

3 Subject lines:

hey...quick heads up
Top Marketer EXPOSES His Business Model

Hi, there!

Thank you for letting me share this genuine and shocking VIDEO with you. Definitely a smart move, you are going to be a WINNER!

One of the top Internet marketers EXPOSES his business model right here for the first time:


Read carefully because here and now, you can transform your life.

Yes, this means make money online (how about SIX FIGURE type of income?)

But there is something even better than making BIG money online - making it with a business that is your true calling in life.

Not convinced that you need all of this?

If you are thinking “Just give me the cash, I don’t care about no purpose and calling”, watch this VIDEO by BJ Min to see how he makes 6 FIGURE INCOME year after year doing what he loves:


Why would he reveal his business model?

The REASON WHY is that BJ Min is tired of seeing so many people fail at making money online because they are doing it all wrong. There is something more to it than everyone is telling you, and he just doesn’t think it’s fair.

Have you ever felt that there is something more to life than chasing the dollar?

Do you want to make money and have a PURPOSE?

I know I do, and this video has shown me how. It has blown me away.

Watch THIS to see how the video marketing expert BJ Min created the life and business he loves (and how he can help you do the same):


Talk soon,


P.S. A heads up - it’s not only about making money, it’s about living the life of your dreams.

P.S. If you want to hear it from BJ Min himself just watch this free VIDEO right here:


You don’t need to believe a word I say! You can learn the truth about Video Commissions directly from the source. Don’t miss on watching this - BJ’s story is shockingly real and refreshing!

Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #2

3 Subject Lines:

New Training For ((firstname))
Step by step instructions
How to SKY ROCKET your YouTube Views


I was thinking about you (yeah, I do that) when it hit me:

I don’t know you! You might not even know that you can use YouTube to make money online. What if you think that it’s all about ads and PPC campaigns?

I wouldn’t want you to be in the dark!

So here it goes, a fast track training to YouTube success:

(if you prefer to see a free VIDEO about this click here: <link>)

  1. Find the keywords relevant to your business that you want to rank for.
  2. Make the video and save it on your hard drive including the keyword in the filename
  3. Upload video to YouTube!
  4. Use the keyword (1 per video - focus is everything) in the beginning of the title
  5. Use the keyword and similar combinations in the tags
  6. Use the keyword several times (but don’t make it sound unnatural) in the description
  7. IMPORTANT: Put a link to your website/offer in the very beginning of the video description offering more value to viewers
  8. Repeat!

And that’s the end of paid ads on YouTube. You have a better method now.

Where do I get all this YouTube wisdom?

From BJ Min, of course, the creator of Video Comissions - the most extraordinary marketing training out there.

I mean that - it is not at all what I expected. Honestly, I thought I will learn some insider YouTube tricks but I was completely overwhelmed by the content of Video Comissions.

Don’t get me wrong - YES, you learn the secrets of YouTube marketing but NOT ONLY.

BJ has gone out of his way to show you HOW to use YouTube marketing to create the life of your dreams in so many ways…

...by making money

...by creating value

...by making a change in the world

...by becoming an expert and influencer

...by helping people.

As he says, the SIX FIGURE INCOME is just a means to an end...And the end is living this life to the fullest, as we were supposed to be.

No one can say it better than he does so WATCH HIM tell you all about the journey of personal transformation (and how the SIX FIGURE income fits into that):


Talk soon,


P.S. I know what you are thinking - it isn’t possible to make SIX FIGURES with just YouTube traffic. I thought so too until I watched BJ Min’s training.

Watch it here and you might change how you see video marketing forever:


Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #3

3 Subject Lines:

behind the scenes
VERY simple method
Learn the SECRET behind BJ Min's Success

Hi, hope you are doing great!

You have already heard about BJ Min and his Video Commission training (and will keep hearing this name more and more online).

I suppose you are wondering why all the fuzz?

Because of this video marketing training (the industry has been very uneasy about him revealing what is behind the scenes of Internet marketing success).

WATCH the training here FREE <link>

Well, let me put it this way:

He made over 1,000 YouTube videos in  a super short period of time.

Now, if you are anything like me you are wondering two things:

HOW and WHY (do I care)?

Do you know what a 1,000 videos linking back to your website does?

An SEO nuclear bomb! Tons of qualified traffic keeps coming at you day and night. That’s WHY you should care.

Now, about the HOW:

Commitment is the one part of success nobody talks about. If you see someone have an overnight success, be sure overnight is at least 3-5 years of perseverance.

BJ Min dedicated 90 days in a row to uploading 3 videos per day to YouTube. Can you imagine the commitment? Of course he makes SIX FIGURE income!

This is what Video Commissions is all about - the success factors nobody mentions but every successful person knows and applies.

Does 90 days seem like a lot? I get it, we all want success NOW.

There is a faster way. If you want the fast track to success check this out:


It took BJ years to put this together. Don’t wait that long. Grab it ready.

Take care and take ACTION,


P.S. You read above that the industry leaders are not happy about BJ revealing so many of the Internet marketing success secrets. So he might need to pull the videos down soon.

That’s why you want to check them out RIGHT NOW (I don’t want you to be sorry later):


Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #4

3 Subject Lines:

PROOF from Real People!
“Unfair” advantage when it comes to Internet marketing?


I know what you are thinking…

...I have no technical experience

...I have never made a video

...I have no money to invest

...I have no marketing knowledge

...I look bad on camera

...I don’t know anything about SEO

...I am just a regular guy or gal…

...and I can’t do what the gurus are doing!

And all of this would be completely wrong. Thinking that only the gurus can make SIX FIGURES online, that they are special was part of my mindset as well.

Until I saw these testimonials:


Can you believe that those are REAL PEOPLE who used BJ’s method to master video marketing?

They got their videos on the FIRST page of Google search results.

They got their videos on the FIRST page of YouTube search results.

But the most extraordinary part is that...

...is seeing this training not only change their business but their LIVES! You can read it in their eyes when they talk about it, they are so pumped.

And none of them had experience, money or any idea what to do.

Now they are making money with videos and living the life of their dreams.

YES, some people have an unfair advantage when it comes to success online. They know the four pillars of success:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Mindset
  3. Vision
  4. Action

Now, that you know their names, don’t you want to learn what they are all about?

Take a look at the VIDEO training here to find out (BUT be prepared - it’s NOT simply about Internet marketing. It is ABOUT all the four pillars of success).


Do only part of it, and have partial success. Do IT ALL and have EVERYTHING you have always wanted.

To YOUR personal SUCCESS, no matter where you are now!


Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #5

3 Subject Lines:

Want to Sell More?
hey ((firstname)) - quick question
Who NEEDS sales?


do you need more sales?

I am sure you do, whatever business you are in. Even Coca Cola Inc. wouldn’t say no, right?

I won’t pretend I know WHY you are reading this…

...maybe you want to improve your video marketing.

...maybe you want to start your dream business.

...maybe you want to quit your 9 to 5 job.

BJ Min, the creator of Video Commissions, was a convenience store clerk with a miserable life. Changing that was his WHY.

Amazing right - from a broke clerk to a guy with 1 million $$ in sales. His story is quite extraordinary! If you have a few minutes, I wouldn’t want you to miss it:


So you NEED sales. You want them badly. You might be even desperate.

But WHY?

The WHY is very important for ONE SIMPLE reason.

Even with Video Commission there might be times that you are in doubt. Sometimes things aren’t moving as fast as you want.

Your WHY is your vision - the reason behind the sales.

This is the ONE BIGGEST mistake online entrepreneurs do - focus on the $$$ instead on the vision.

Then when there are no sales, it’s hard to keep doing what you need to.

If you focus on your vision, it is ALWAYS there to pull you forward.

This is WHY for most, the fewer sales they see, the less involved they are and … FAIL.

If you are not making enough sales online, your WHY is not in the right spot.

This is the reason I love Video Comissions.

It gives you an advantage in the online marketing industry and life as a whole. Everyone teaches just the one simplest bit of success - mechanics.

BUT it’s vision that will move you from where you are NOW to where you want to be TOMORROW.

Don’t worry, it’s not all mindset and personal development mumbo-jumbo - you get to learn how to rank your video on page ONE of Google (and what this means for your business).

Does that sound interesting?

Go grab the training here (no need to thank me). <link>

Talk soon,


P.S. What makes Video Commissions unique is that it takes you through the mechanics, mindset, vision and action stages of success but it lets you start and produce RESULTS RIGHT NOW.

Amazing, right?

Don’t miss out:


Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #6

3 Subject Lines:

Now is the time
You can't lose
Immediately Download Bonuses...(Details inside)


Let me ask you a quick question:

Are you considering to invest in Video Commissions at a later stage of your business? Are you planning to wait on it for a while?

Sorry, to break it to you but this is a VERY WRONG decision.

First, you don’t want to wait until everyone gets it, right? You want to be the FIRST!

Second, there are amazing bonuses that MIGHT CHANGE with time

(more about them in a second or hear it from BJ directly <link>).

Third, there is a 60 day money back guarantee from BJ Min personally that you will enjoy your training or get your money back (so you basically have nothing to lose).

So WHY wait?

You think Video Commissions is not for you

You know, you might be right. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, it isn’t for you. Because Video Commission is a comprehensive guide to creating a sustainable business that you LOVE online through video marketing. It takes time and hard work but it is REAL and WORKS for everyone.

If you are tired from false promises and fake gurus, Video Commissions is like a breath of fresh air.

BUT, what if you don’t want to make videos?

BJ doesn’t hold anything back! Here is what to do if you don’t want to make videos yourself.


(You should still use videos for your business! They are the most powerful marketing tool online)

You can trust BJ Min. He's one of the real deal marketers online.

Yeah, this guy who made over 1,000 videos online and earned SIX FIGURE income online will risk ruining his reputation to charge you money for a bad product?….I don’t think so.

He is real but I understand if you doubt it (there is so much fake online). So go Google him. It won’t be hard - he is on YouTube, forums and Facebook; he is a speaker and coach. You will see for yourself why I say that he is DIFFERENT.

You think you can figure it out yourself

Good luck with that! It took BJ Min 7 years to learn everything about video marketing and SUCCESS. If you have 7 years to waste, come on, click away and start this journey.

But WHY would you want to do that? Video Commissions is affordable for everyone and that’s way better than another 7 years of learning, in my opinion (we only live once, right?).

Take care and take ACTION!

Your future you will thank you.


P.S. I almost forgot! I didn’t tell you all about the amazing content and BONUSES of Video Commissions:

9 VIDEO Modules (from finding topics for your videos, keyword research and personal development to the ultimate video marketing strategy and a full LIVE tutorial) + BONUSES:  Insider Search Engine Algorithm Blueprint + Private Facebook Video Marketing Group + $10 million earner Jamie Lewis Interview + VC Quick Start Series + 7 Figure Internet Marketing Blueprint

Video Commissions Autoresponder Email Swipe #7

3 Subject Lines:

Stop ignoring this
((firstname)) I'm curious
How To Afford Video Commissions

Hey, there,

are you still ignoring this amazing training?

If you are wondering what I am talking about:


I’m curious WHY?

Is it because you can’t afford it? It’s very affordable, you know!

BUT, I get it for some of you ANY money you spend for your business might be a pain. Especially if you don’t have another income currently.

And even more if you have a family that counts on you. Or a spouse that doesn’t understand your dream.

If you are worried about the price, ask your family for support. They are the ones who will be by your side when it’s good and when it’s bad.

Don’t just ask your brother to lend you money! Tell them about your WHY.

Why is this so important to you? Let them know that it’s not about some guru trying to steal your cash. Let them know this matters.

I realize that it might be challenging talking about this to your family and friends, and that’s why I decided to make it EASY for you.

Here is a list of a few of the BENEFITS you get from Video Commissions FOR YOUR BUSINESS and your loved ones as well:

  • you will outrank your competition
  • become #1 in your niche, and make them feel proud
  • get more visitors to your website
  • grow your email list and fans
  • get more sales, and more money coming  home
  • create residual income, and have more time with your loved ones

BUT as I told you before, there is more VALUE in Video Commissions than making BIG money online. You will learn how to:

  • set your mind for success
  • transform yourself
  • become more confident
  • become an influencer in your niche
  • help people
  • have a vision and know your purpose in life
  • build a sustainable business

And I am sure YOU and your loved ones would appreciate the change!


Let’s GO:


Talk soon,


P.S. BJ Min is an extraordinary entrepreneur on a mission to fight injustice and give you the same head start as everyone in the industry. If you have ZERO experience, even better. Because you can learn EVERYTHING the right way from day one.

Video Commissions is not only about video marketing. But you already know that.


More Pitch Emails! =)

(You want more emails? We got more here for you! These are pitch style emails and have already converted for us before. Go ahead and use them to continue to promote Video Commissions!)

Email Swipe #1

Subject: Congrats - You're IN!


Congrats, you're invited to see this amazing thing online...

You need to see this...


It's BRAND NEW, And just about the
most "ghetto" video I've ever seen...

Six figures a year with just YouTube traffic?

No PPC, no PPV, no CPA, no so-called 'push
button softwares' scams, no 'loopholes'...

Something TOTALLY different.

... A REAL system thats been pulling in
a SIX FIGURE income for 5 years in a ROW!

Best of all? He's got VIDEO PROOF.


(You'll even see REAL examples, not *just*
his six figure income online)

Honestly - This has blown me away.

It requires no complex tech stuff, no big investment,
and absolutely NO experience.

And after finding out what the system is...
I can confidently say it works, too.

Don't miss out on this goldmine.

Talk soon,



Yep. That's how I'd describe the whole
"internet marketing community" right now.

The forums are on fire. It's all over facebook...

In fact, the number of emails about this I've
received ALONE is pretty ridiculous...

(and the fact that copies are VERY limited)

Means you're going to want to jump on this fast.

Before it's too late.



Email Swipe #2

Subject: YOU WON!


Congrats! You won a chance to check out this YouTube marketing training:


This is the BEST training on how to use YouTube for your online business.

You will discover how to get more traffic.

You will learn how to convert traffic into sales.

You will increase your sales and profits online.

Click here to learn more about this YouTube marketing secret:


To your success,


P.S.  This training is created by a guy who did over 1000+ YouTube videos and really shows you the secret to drive traffic using YouTube. Go watch it now:



Email Swipe #3

Subject: URGENT


You need to watch this while you still can.


(don't worry, there's nothing to buy, just
some MUST-SEE content)

I almost didn't believe it when he said he'd
rank his videos on Google in 24-48 hours.

But It's real.

And better yet, it's CLEARLY working for other
people too - As you'll see.


Don't miss this.

P.S.  You're going to want to jump on this fast.



Email Swipe #4

Subject: WATCH THIS (new video')


Have you seen this yet?

Check it out. (BRAND NEW)


This guy just released the new video in the series.

... He reveals some of his biggest secrets
on how you can get MORE traffic, sales, and profits
in your online business with YouTube videos.

...in just about 48 hours or less sometimes!


Put it this way - you're definetely
gonna wanna see it

Don't miss this.

P.S. The new one & whole series of free
videos may be pulled down soon.

Go watch it while it's still there:



Email Swipe #5

Subject: Weird.


... Or just genius?


Because I've never seen anything
quite like that.

You'll see how to get MORE traffic to your website
using simple little YouTube videos...

Pretty freakin' awesome 🙂

Talk soon,

P.S.  After watching the  free video, I'm going
to have to go with GENIUS... (it works!)



Email Swipe #6

Subject: Simple Formula


The money isn't in some complicating method.


...It's in THIS simple formula (VIDEO):


This guy's discovered the secret to making a
six figure income getting traffic from YouTube.

Every single day his YouTube videos get traffic for him.

And he wants to show you how, free.

Seriously. Check it out now:


Talk soon,



Email Swipe #7

Subject: the dirty little secret (video)


We've found a LOOPHOLE 10x bigger than clickbank.

Get it for free here... (VIDEO):


This is the secret.

And worth a ton of GOLD.

You can just *tap in* right now without
spending a CENT.

You cannot afford to miss this:


Talk soon,

P.S. No kidding - This guy's making a six figure income
getting the best quality traffic from YouTube. See it on video:



Email Swipe #8

Subject: I'm sorry.


Prepare to be shocked by the truth:


(don't worry, there's nothing to buy.)

He's giving it to you free.

Opened my eyes for sure,


But hurry, this will be taken down soon. Forever...

Watch it now:



Email #9

Subject: LAST CALL


... I'll make this quick.

I've just heard a rumour and it may be
your LAST CHANCE to download this.


There's no more time left.

It's sink or swim. And let me ask you this:

Are you sick of struggling to get traffic?

Are you tired of crappy 'push button systems'
that have never made anyone a penny?

Are you ready for a REAL system that WORKS?

... One that does NOT need confusing methods, any
expensive investment or ANY experience...

That made a consistent SIX FIGURE income
for an ex-store clerk for 5 years in a ROW?

It's real and there's countless success
stories on that page too to prove it.

Go here right now and get in on this,
before it's closed forever.


This gets my HIGHEST recommendation,

P.S. There is NOT another system like this.

And if you don't go to the website right
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