Frequently Asked Questions

I just purchased Video Commissions from JVZoo. How do I create my username and where is my login info?

  1. After you purchase Video Commissions, log into your
  2. Click on "My Purchases" (top right)
  3. Click on "Video Commissions" to create your username and password. (You will do it one time).
  4. Go to and log in. (Previous JVZoo members should go here).
  5. Get instant access to Video Commissions and other levels that you also purchased.

If you still don't know how to create your username and you are a customer, then email us at vip [at] dreampreneur [dot] com and we will send you your login information within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

For some customers, you may get all the training in 1 page. Whichever one you want, email us at vip [at] dreampreneur [dot] com and we will give you your digital product access if there are any problems or questions. Thank you and we believe you made a great decision to work on your financial success online.

Are all sales final?

Yes, all sales are final meaning there are no refunds. Anyone who does a dispute, refund, or chargeback will be entered into our customer blacklist and will be banned from our website and other vendors. If you want to cancel your FUTURE billing (for a rebill program), then contact us at vip [at] dreampreneur [dot] com and your future subscription will be cancelled within 24 hours. Thank you.

How do I cancel my future billing?

JVZoo Cancellation Instructions (including paypal payment through JVZoo):

Follow These Steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page
  3. Click My money
  4. Click Update in the My preapproved payments section
  5. Select the merchant's name or email address
  6. Click Cancel.

Clickbank Cancellation Instructions: If you want to cancel your future clickbank billing, then just email and write your receipt number in your email subject line and body message. Thank you and you're welcome to come back anytime.


Email us at vip [at] dreampreneur [dot] com with your PayPal Email & username and we will cancel future billing within 24 hours.

Do you offer refunds?

All Sales Are Final/No Refunds meaning we do not offer any refunds. Anyone who does a dispute, refund, or chargeback will be entered into a customer blacklist and will be banned from our website and other vendors. If you want to cancel your FUTURE billing, contact us at vip [at] dreampreneur [dot] com and your future subscription will be cancelled in 24 hours. Thank you. Even if you didn't create your own username (which is your responsibility after payment) or contact us to create your username, you cannot get a refund because simply our website policy states ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This makes it simple for the future for everyone. Thank you for understanding. Cheers!

What if I try to dispute this payment and pretend I didn't get access to software when I actually did?

We've been in business for ten years and we will defend our policy stated multiple times on our sales page and FAQ page. Our website policy states that ALL SALES ARE FINAL meaning we do not offer refunds. We have 100% proof of your email & IP address & date & time of your accessing our site. So we will escalate your dispute all the way to our vendors and payment processor to make sure all sales stay final even if you didn't get access to the software because it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow instructions in the very top of this FAQ page to create your own username and password as we prefer that be done by the member instead of us as for your own privacy. Plus, majority of the time, most people have common sense and create their login info. It's only about 10% of the time that we have some people come back and ask questions about access to the site. We also state this to protect the integrity of our site and members of our site. We only want honest and responsible customers/members in our site to access our products and services. Thank you for understanding. =)

I am a customer. Who do I contact if I have questions as a customer regarding my membership or billing?

Please email us at vip [at] dreampreneur [dot] com and we will answer you within 24-48 hours with subject line "Your Product Name & Your Name" for faster response.

What is Video Commissions?

Video Commissions is a monthly membership site to BJ Min's best internet marketing tips starting with video marketing, email marketing, traffic, conversions, affiliate marketing, business opportunities, and much more. We believe our secrets are so important that we offer this for monthly active paying members only from now on. Think of it as an internet marketing school that you invest your money into as an education investment for your financial future.

Income Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that you will make any money online because success requires action, perseverance, and the right strategy. We do our best to teach what works without jeopardizing our own businesses. Thank you.

Why does price change on Video Commissions?

Like any business, prices can go up and down. We may change prices anytime. However, the GOOD NEWS is that when you buy at your rate, you are LOCKED at your constant paying rate so make sure to make sure there is funds in your PayPal account (or update your credit card) to continually to remain a member at your low rate that you got. The price may go up or down anytime so we recommend to buy Video Commissions at the lowest price possible because we will increase price over time like any other business does. Thank you for understanding. Take care. =)

I'm interested in getting Video Commissions. How do I buy it?

Click here to go to Video Commissions website. Click on the BUY NOW button to order now and you'll get instant access to your membership site.

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